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Protecting History, Making History: Statement on President-elect Joe Biden

A message from VP and Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager Dennis L. Martire on President-elect Joe Biden and regionwide election results

After four long years and a long week of diligently counting a record number of votes, we have reached a light at the end of the tunnel: Joe Biden has been elected the 46th President of the United States.

The people have elected a president who will with decency and dignity once again unite the United States of America and provide much-needed light to our nation amid darkness cast by the pandemic and racial injustice.

It is the soul of our nation that compelled Joe Biden to run for President. It is also Joe Biden that defended the soul of our nation amid this week’s inexcusable attempts to undermine and discount the democratic process. Joe Biden demanded that every vote count because he respects our democracy and every voice in our democracy.

This is a historic election in large part due to the number of votes that Joe Biden received. However, Joe Biden committed to making history for working people long before the election. Pledging to be the “strongest labor president,” he is going to protect the soul of our labor movement along with the soul of our nation. Throughout our nation’s history, unions have led the fight for good pay and benefits for all workers. Joe Biden is looking ahead to workers’ future by encouraging unionization and creating union, prevailing wage jobs to bring more working families into the middle class.

The presidential race received a lot of attention in the Mid-Atlantic states of Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Throughout the Mid-Atlantic region at the state and local levels, LIUNA endorsed pro-worker candidates from both sides of the aisle. Behind these candidates was the strong support of LIUNA members who spent months talking to voters in person and over the phone to make sure they knew the candidates who supported working families. Many of these candidates won their races which means that working families will have political advocates starting in local communities all the way to the White House. I could not be prouder of the LIUNA members who helped make this outcome a reality.

We celebrate this outcome with the same enthusiasm and pride with which we endorsed Joe Biden and the rest of the pro-worker candidates in the Mid-Atlantic Region. We look forward to working with all of them to advance working families across the region and across the country.