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The Mid-Atlantic Regional Organizing Coalition, better known as MAROC, is dedicated to helping workers join LIUNA. MAROC’s original purpose was to help Construction Craft Laborers in the Mid-Atlantic Region fight for their rights. Since its inception, MAROC has evolved into a voice for all workers, not just laborers. Some of our most successful campaigns are protecting and advancing working conditions for Public Service and Federal Employees.

The union has seen strong growth in the region, including in the demolition and asbestos industry. In just the past year the union have signed several of these contractors. This success is building more success. Currently the Laborers are talking to several area contractors about signing. Because of the shortage of licensed asbestos workers combined with our ability to supply qualified people, contractors know that they have to deal with the Laborers.

LIUNA’s strength lies in its idea that unions work – both for employees and employers. The power of MAROC rests in the skills and talents of members who actively participate in organizing campaigns.