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Petition to Support Clean Natural Gas Energy Jobs

Global warming and climate change are serious threats to our environment. We believe an economy powered by renewable energy is not only possible, but is an essential goal to achieve. Yet no one believes we can simply flip a switch to transform our energy sources overnight.

Experts and leaders from President Obama to the Environmental Defense Fund have taken the position that natural gas is a crucial bridge to a renewable energy future. In fact, clean natural gas energy is the main reason the U.S. has reduced carbon emissions, according to a range of climate scientists.

Investing in natural gas energy not only addresses climate change, the fuel adds billions of dollars in value to our economy and can create millions of good, family-sustaining careers in construction and other industries. Natural gas also provides families with more affordable energy.

For these reasons, I support good jobs building clean natural gas and renewable energy infrastructure and will urge lawmakers, policy-makers and regulators to encourage both a robust natural gas and renewable energy future.

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