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A Labor Day Message from LIUNA VP and Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager Dennis Martire

Although Labor Day is often spent at parades or other large gatherings, the absence of those events this year puts complete focus on what Labor Day is all about: honoring workers.

One day is dedicated to the years of struggle and sacrifice that have advanced the labor movement. However, as we have seen even more so in these unprecedented times, recognizing workers is not limited to Labor Day.

As LIUNA members, we do not work hard for the recognition. We work hard because it is who we are. It is our work that builds communities even when times are tough.

The labor movement is where it is today because workers overcame challenges, and facing the major challenge of the pandemic together has already impacted the labor movement. Not only has the pandemic renewed appreciation for workers’ contributions, but it has renewed appreciation for unions. When unions fight for job protection and increased safety standards, all workers benefit. The union approval rating increased once again this year to 65%.

To all Laborers, your actions define labor with pride. Never forget that you were essential before the pandemic and you always will be essential. May you and your families have a Happy Labor Day.