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A Message from VP Martire: Thank you, General President O' Sullivan and General Secretary-Treasurer Sabitoni

Before they were leaders, they were members. In retirement, LIUNA General President Terry O’ Sullivan and General Secretary-Treasurer Armand Sabitoni will remain proud LIUNA members and continue serving our union as their legacies carry LIUNA into a new, exciting phase.

General President O’ Sullivan and General Secretary-Treasurer Sabitoni recently announced that they will be retiring in April, and they are going into retirement with great honor. They could not have set a better example for their successors who are taking on these leadership positions at a time when our union is especially strong, which could not have been done without their leadership.

For years, General President O’ Sullivan and General Secretary-Treasurer Sabitoni have strengthened us, guided us and inspired us. They have truly left our union better than they found it, and through their mentorship, LIUNA’s new and remaining leaders are prepared to do the same. Their leadership has made us all better leaders.

Personally, I had the privilege of working with General President O’ Sullivan in LIUNA’s Construction Department. On his recommendation, I went through the same hazmat training program that is required for our members working in the field. Not only did this training ensure that I was writing hazardous waste agreements that fit our members' needs, but I had an even stronger appreciation for all of our members' hard work. It is from General President O’ Sullivan that I received the best piece of advice: if you are going to write and administer agreements from Washington, you need to walk in our members’ shoes. That advice left a lasting impression on me, and so did his leadership. He never stopped teaching.

From General Secretary-Treasurer Sabitoni, I saw the power of information. Working closely with him on LIUNA's Health and Safety Fund and LIUNA's Service Contract Fund, he always showed up well-informed and best prepared to challenge the professionals to ensure that they were doing their best for LIUNA.

We can thank our retiring leaders - General President O’ Sullivan, General Secretary-Treasurer Sabitoni and Pacific Southwest Vice President Rocco Davis - for their years of service by using and growing our power as LIUNA members to fight for working families. They will forever be LIUNA members and we will forever be grateful for their contributions.

Congratulations to Brent Booker and Michael F. Sabitoni on their appointments to General President and General Secretary-Treasurer, as well as the Vice Presidents on the General Executive Board - Ernie Ordonez, Dan Bianco and Steve Farner.