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A Victory for Virginia Democrats and Working Families

A statement from LIUNA Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager Dennis L. Martire on the 2023 election results in Virginia:

Reston, Va. (November 8, 2023) - Even as some races are still being decided, Virginia Democrats have won back their majority in the General Assembly. They are not however the only winners in this election. This is also a win for Virginia’s working families because Virginia Democrats are in a better position to fight for pro-worker policies and protect against attacks on workers’ wages and workers’ rights

There were many important issues on the ballot this year, but good jobs always remain a critical issue in Virginia. Without good jobs, working men and women across the Commonwealth struggle to provide for themselves and their families and lack pathways to the middle class. It is Virginia Democrats who we see time and again fighting for union, family-supporting job opportunities.

Before Virginia’s blue wave in 2019, Virginia repeatedly ranked as the worst state for workers. Since then, Virginia has moved up the ranks largely because of the policies for which Virginia Democrats have supported such as raising the minimum wage, establishing a prevailing wage law, and allowing collective bargaining in local governments.

LIUNA is confident that Virginia Democrats will use their majority to continue moving Virginia’s working families forward across the Commonwealth. As we stood with Virginia Democrats in their campaigns, we will continue to stand with them to advance working families.