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Asbestos Specialist Inc and Massey Building Demo Project in Fairfax County/A Toxic Combination

Fairfax, Va. (April 13, 2018) -- Preparation is underway from the LIUNA Mid-Atlantic Regional Organizing Coalition (MAROC) to prevent Asbestos Specialist, Inc. (ASI) from working on an upcoming demolition project at the Massey Building.

While ASI has not confirmed whether or not they will make a bid, the scale and prominence of the Massey Building could entice the company.

This marks the second project of 2018 where MAROC has discouraged developers from considering ASI for work. Earlier this year, MAROC demonstrated at another project of interest for ASI, the previous site of Walter Reed Hospital.

MAROC’s pursuit of ASI traces back to the company’s refusal to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to 127 workers who were part of ASI’s team on the U.S. General Services (GSA), despite a Federal Administrative Law Judge’s ruling in Department of Labor Case Number: 2015-DBA- 00014 that the unpaid wages were owed. The case is on appeal.

“ASI is denying workers rightfully-owed money, so we are trying to deny them work,” said Steve Lanning, MAROC Director of Organizing.

Joined by some unexpected supporters, former and current ASI workers, MAROC will utilize all legal means to protest ASI’s presence in the event a demolition contractor brings ASI on the project, including the workers themselves going on strike.

“When current ASI workers are willing to strike in order to seek justice for fellow workers, that really speaks volumes about ASI as a company,” said Lanning.

As the former Fairfax County Public Safety Headquarters for more than 40 years, the Massey Building stationed the Fairfax County Police and Fire Departments. It is expected that demolition could begin around August 2018 once all departments transition to the new building.

“If ASI thinks we will just forget about this ruling if they let more time pass, they are mistaken,” said Felix Rodriguez, LIUNA Local 202 member. “We will not stop until every last cent is paid to the workers.”

Contact: Steve Lanning (;703-476-7393)


The Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA) Mid-Atlantic Region represents more than 40,000 working men and women predominantly in the construction industry in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, the District of Columbia, Virginia and North Carolina.