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Baltimore Washington Laborers' District Council Announces City of Alexandria Endorsements

Alexandria, Va. (October 19, 2018) —Today, the Baltimore Washington Laborers’ District Council (BWLDC), an affiliate of the Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA), announced its endorsement of six candidates for public office in the City of Alexandria, Virginia:

  • -Justin Wilson for Mayor
  • -John Chapman for re-election as Councilmember
  • -Del Pepper for re-election as Councilmember
  • -Mo Seifeldein for Councilmember
  • -Caneck Aguirre for Councilmember
  • -Elizabeth Bennett-Parker for Councilmember 

“In the November 6th General Election, the residents of the City of Alexandria have the opportunity to elect a number of candidates who stand with working people and are committed to workers’ rights,” said David Allison, BWLDC Business Manager.

Justin Wilson, Del Pepper, and John Chapman were instrumental in passing Alexandria’s living wage ordinance, and each has pledged to extend it to cover county construction projects. Ms. Bennett-Parker is current a member AFSCME, Mr. Aguirre serves as President of Tenants and Workers United, and Mr. Seifeldein is a practicing attorney who has helped workers recover unpaid wages from shady employers. Like Councilmembers Wilson, Pepper, and Chapman, Ms. Bennett-Parker, Mr. Aguirre, and Mr. Seifeldein each support broadening Alexandria’s living wage law to include construction.

Across the Baltimore-Washington region, the BWLDC seeks to endorse and support candidates for elected office who align with the values of its members. The six candidates endorsed in the City of Alexandria are part of that effort.


The Baltimore Washington Laborers’ District Council, an affiliate of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA), represents more than 7,000 LIUNA members who live and work in the Baltimore-Washington region.