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Energy Workers Take Their Stories to Radio

“Natural Gas is More Than a Pipeline, It’s a Lifeline”

The Mid-Atlantic Region of LIUNA – the Laborers’ International Union of North America – is helping natural gas energy workers tell their stories through radio ads airing in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia.

The ads feature LIUNA members who are working on natural gas infrastructure describe how the industry has positively transformed their lives and their communities. The effort aims to help elected leaders, policy-makers and residents of the states better understand the industry and its partnership with LIUNA.

“By featuring the voices and aspirations of working class men and women, we hope to show how business and workers can help create good family-sustaining jobs, economic growth and clean energy,” said Dennis Martire, Vice President and Regional Manager of LIUNA’s Mid-Atlantic Region. “This is one of several initiatives to strengthen our partnership with the natural gas industry.”

The ads highlight how natural gas can provide opportunities for workers laid off from coalmines, manufacturing plants and other industries.

Says West Virginia pipeliner Cris Thatcher in his ad: “In West Virginia, the natural gas industry is huge. It’s provided money, with second chances and a new future.” Listen to Chris Thatcher.

Eric Bevilacqua, a Pennsylvania pipeliner says in ads airing in that state that, “We have the best training in the world. We know what we build is safe and high quality.” Listen to Eric Bevilacqua.

Kris Demasse, also of Pennsylvania, says, “The natural gas pipelines have picked up where the coal mines and the steel mills have left off. It’s let common folk, blue collar folk make a living.” Listen to Kris Demasse.

In Virginia, pipeliner Andy Ward, notes, “Before I was a pipeliner, we worried about money, how I was going to make house payments or what if the kids have to go to the doctor. Now we don’t have that worry.” Listen to Andy Ward.

The ads close with the tagline, “Natural gas is more than a pipeline, it’s a lifeline. Let’s keep a good thing going.” The ads will air through October in parts of the states where natural gas work is occurring and in areas where policy makers and elected leaders reside. They will continue through October. In addition to the radio ads, the Region is spreading the message about good jobs and natural gas through billboards and other efforts.