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Lifting Debt Ceiling, Cutting Red Tape

A statement from LIUNA Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager Dennis L. Martire in response to President Biden’s signing of the Fiscal Responsibility Act after the legislation passed with bipartisan support from Congress. 

Reston, Va. (June 5, 2023) - Bipartisan legislation continues to move the American economy in the right direction, and we commend the bipartisan action that made it possible for this legislation to pass and protect our country from an economic crisis.

With the provision that addresses the permitting process on energy projects, the Fiscal Responsibility Act also recognizes the Mountain Valley Pipeline’s positive economic impact. In lifting the debt ceiling, the legislation is also cutting the red tape that has kept the project languishing at 94% complete and depriving local workers of family-supporting jobs.

The permitting hurdles ultimately led to the suffering of working families. The Mountain Valley Pipeline created jobs with living wages, employer-paid pensions, family healthcare, and free training. When permits were revoked, good jobs were lost.

From natural gas to solar, LIUNA members are building our nation’s energy networks. We commend the permitting reform that is included in this legislation, and look forward to local residents having access to good jobs on the Mountain Valley Pipeline and future energy projects without unnecessary permitting interference.