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LIUNA Endorses Wes Moore for Maryland Governor

Annapolis, Md. (October 18, 2022) – In a unanimous endorsement, all Maryland affiliates of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) endorsed Wes Moore for Maryland Governor.

The endorsement consists of LIUNA Mid-Atlantic Region, Baltimore-Washington Laborers’ District Council, West Virginia and Appalachian Laborers’ District Council, and LIUNA Local 202R.

Moore’s inclusive agenda and commitment to creating family-supporting job opportunities that are accessible to every Maryland community largely led to LIUNA’s endorsement.

“Wes Moore lives up to his last name because he is all about making sure that Maryland’s working families achieve more,” said Dennis L. Martire, LIUNA Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager. “More wages, more benefits, and more protections.”

While there is a nationwide demand to combat crime, protecting Marylanders from crime is also high on Moore’s agenda. LIUNA has had success keeping former inmates from returning to jail through free community training and job placement.

“Like Wes Moore, we at LIUNA recognize that opportunity makes a difference when it comes to crime,” Martire said. “If we can put Maryland residents on the path to lifelong construction careers, then we are helping them avoid a life of crime. We would have the support to create even more opportunities with Wes Moore as Governor.”

Moore’s union connection began during his childhood. His father was a union member, and his father’s union benefits provided financial support for Moore and his family after he passed away. If elected, his union plans include expanding apprenticeship, identifying and penalizing wage theft, and strengthening collective bargaining agreements.

He also wants to continue Maryland’s historic transportation achievements while ensuring that the workers on those projects are receiving a living wage.

“For years, Wes Moore’s life experience has empowered those who have worked with him and those who have learned his story,” Martire said. “It is that life experience that makes him able to understand and help Maryland’s working families on a deeper level. Now it is time for him to empower the entire state of Maryland as the next governor.”